“What does a leadership coach do, exactly?”

“How can a leadership coach help me?”

“How does coaching work?”

If you’ve ever considered working with a coach, these questions and many others have probably crossed your mind. Let’s explore some answers.

Coaching with Arquella Hargrove will help you enhance relationships to maximize your performance as a senior leader. It’s a solution-focused, results-oriented process where we focus on your personal development as a leader and how that development will impact your organization’s bottom line. It also creates a safe place for learning new skills and practicing new behaviors.

Bottom line: If you know you’re capable of achieving more as a leader and just need some help getting from Point A to Point B, coaching can be an effective approach to conquering your obstacles and achieving your goals.

How Coaching Works

Personal development doesn’t happen overnight, and that’s why we describe coaching as a process — not a once-and-done solution.

Our first step is to find out more about you: your situation, your personality, your challenges, your specific goals. We’ll ask you to complete a brief questionnaire with some basic information, then we’ll schedule a one-on-one chat to help you decide if coaching is right for you.

If you decide to move forward, we’ll recommend a package tailored to your needs, your schedule, and your budget. Most of our packages cover a three-to-six-month period, during which you and Arquella will meet periodically (in person or by phone) to discuss your issues and your progress towards your goals. (Learn more about our signature packages below.)

Once we have you signed up for a package, we’ll proceed through the four stages of our proprietary coaching process:

  • Assessment: We’ll discuss in-depth your challenges and the objectives for your coaching experience. You’ll also complete an online personality assessment to help you better understand how you approach workplace relationships.
  • Feedback and Action Planning: As your sessions progress, Arquella will offer feedback on your progress and you’ll discuss areas for improvement, emerging strengths, results, “aha” and “oh no” moments, and your overall development.
  • Active Learning: As your program starts to wrap up, we’ll finalize and agree on an action plan and specific development strategies to help you move forward.
  • Follow-Up: Between three and six months after your program ends, Arquella will follow up with you to discuss the impact of the coaching process, both on your personal experience and on your organization as a whole.