When you think about coaching, what comes to mind? What exactly is the role of a coach? Why can a coach do for me? Will there be a return on investment to my company? I’m glad you asked. As your coach, I will help you maximize your performance as a senior leader in the workplace, which will result in relationship excellence. Coaching is a solution focused, result oriented process and allows you to focus on the growth of the business. In addition, coaching will improve leadership, teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, goal setting and planning.  Supplement your training with coaching to solidify learning and provide a safe place to practice new skills and behaviors Bottom line – Coaching makes you do what you’re absolutely capable of doing. Coaching makes you reach, stretch and grow—transformation!  A coaching package is an effective way to meet your needs.  A package provides consistency, is a cost effective and creates strong and trusting relationships that ensure teams and individuals will lead, step up to challenges, and become more effective professionals. We start where you are now to build desirable, sustainable change in individuals, teams, and companies. Our approach is straightforward, direct, practical and honest. We offer a variety of packages! Note: Coaching is provided to individuals and businesses.
  1. THE “START-UP” PACKAGE: This is the program for professionals in the beginning stages of their career, newly promoted managers with direct reports and more responsibilities, or leaders needing to improve their soft skills (what to say and how to say it while being compliant). Bottom-line: self management/awareness.
  • Length of Coaching Engagement: Three (3) months
  • Optional Group Coaching
THE “LEADERSHIP 101” PACKAGE:  This is the program for professionals in transition or seeking a career change, mid-level managers taking on a major project with significant responsibilities and direct reports, or senior leaders with greater responsibility within the business and increased visibility among all staff. Bottom-line: Passion/Purpose Driven Goals and Responsibilities
  • Length of Coaching Engagement: Six (6) months
  • Optional Group Coaching
THE “C-SUITE” PACKAGE: This is the intensive program for ultimate breakthrough results. The ideal client for this program is a business owner or C-Level Leader seeking growth opportunities and ready to take it the next level. The consummate professional who is ready for change, and want to live and work on purpose daily. The senior leader who wants to engage, empower and enlighten their leaders and staff. Bottom-line: Business Sustainability 
  • Length of Coaching Engagement: Twelve (12) months
  • Optional Group Coaching
ARQUELLA’S COACHING PROCESS: The coaching process is tailored to Your unique needs and requirements. I will guide You through a challenging process of assessment, exploration, action planning and execution. Each coaching program can be structured in many ways, and listed below is a typical process:
  • Coaching Contracting: The first stage in the process is the contract meeting to determine expectations. This will include: success factors; confidentiality; results expected; confirmation of coaching relationship (is there chemistry between the coach and client); roles and responsibilities; agreement regarding milestones and timelines; and financial terms.
  • Coaching Assessment: This second stage in the process is the assessment of the client. The assessment will consist of an interview to understand challenges facing the client, and an online personality assessment. This process helps to define the expectations and support the business and/or individual objectives.
  • Coaching Feedback and Action Planning: This third stage in the process is for the coach to provide feedback on the progress of the agreement, objectives, areas for improvement, highlight strengths, results, “Aha” and “oh no” moments, and development process. The Action Planning will include, but limited to, development areas, action steps required, interventions required for improvement, suggestions for active learning or experiential development, requesting help, and milestones.
  • Coaching Active Learning: This fourth stage in the process is to finalize and agree on action plan. The coach will offer guidance and reinforce development strategies (role play, case study, journaling, etc.). Note: This step may include coach, executives, and key stakeholders for a business.
  • Coaching Review and Sustainable Success: This fifth and final stage in the process is a follow up three – six months post coaching programs. The purpose of the follow up is to assess the impact of the process on the individual and their respective business. Reinforcement and follow up are powerful tools to sustain an individual’s growth and success!

Email info@arquellahargrove.com for a standard rate sheet or to schedule an assessment.